Friday, February 24, 2006

This week's CT is published

Today's issue of the Church Times contains the column to which this blog relates. If you are a paid subscriber to the Church Times, with website access, then you can read the article on the web today. If you aren't you will have to wait one week.

In any case, the URL for this month's Internet Basics, entitled How to Blog is here.

My feature article on the same page, Where are the clerical bloggers? is available on a similar basis.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What is this blog for?

This is a demonstration to go with my February column in the Church Times. I will add a link here to the column itself when it is published, but there will be a one-week delay before it is visible to non-subscribers to the newspaper. That is simply how the CT website works.

I have built two blogs with Blogger to show how easy it is. This one is hosted at
which is the hosting service provided by Blogger itself. As you can see, you can choose any URL you like, but it has to be a subdomain of (and not already in use by somebody else, of course.)

The other blog is hosted on my own ISP's servers, and you can see it at
The point of that demo is to show that you could append a blog to, for example, a parish website that already had a URL of its own. To build this second blog, I had to do absolutely nothing extra with my ISP, Blogger created all the necessary files on that server for me.


My Church Times columns

If you want to see the backfile of my monthly columns in the Church Times you may be interested to know that I keep adding links to the last post on my old blog, which you can find here. That blog is otherwise now closed. Thinking Anglicans continues as a single blog at

Sunday, February 05, 2006

First post

To show Church Times readers how easy it is to set up a new blog